The Toddler Suite


The Toddler Suite is contained on the first floor level and caters for up to 37 children aged between 2 and 4.  It comprises of 3 different rooms, each of which catering for different areas of the children's development.

The Messy Room




Here the toddlers can explore various media and materials through a variety of sensory experiences.




  • Sand and water play to learn about scientific and mathematical concepts and develop fine motor skills.
  • Playdoh to practice using various tools and materials and develop imagination.
  • Messy activities providing opportunities to explore texture and investigate a wide range of materials.
  • Creative activites allowing the children to make their own representations whilst learning about colour and different media.

The Rumpus Room

Our home corner and wide range of dressing up clothes encourage imaginative play, the development of language and provide opportunities for children to express their own ideas.  It also includes a wide range of resources from a variety of cultures that help the children to gain an understanding of cultures and beliefs of others.

In this room there is also a wide range of construction and small world toys, intellectual toys and imaginative toys.  These provide opportunities for the children to practice skills and develop concepts and ideas, to investigate and solve problems, and to play and co-operate with others developing an understanding of the need to share and take turns.  A vast selection of educational games and jigsaws provide opportunities for the children to consolidate their developing knowledge and skills through investigation, practice and repetition.  the children also have access to their own computer with a child sized mouse and lower case keyboard.  There is a wide range of software with activities to cater for all children's needs ranging from controlling the mouse to learning about letters and sounds and mathematical concepts.



Our reading garden helps the children to develop a love of books and provides a quiet area for the children to read and relax.

The children choose freely between the activities in these two rooms, and staff play alongside the children and plan activities based around their own individual needs and interests to develop their skills further.

The Music Room

In this room a varity of musical activities are provided for the children including musical instruments, circle games and singing and stories.  These activities allow the children to learn about sounds and how to create movements in response to music.  The children also take part in yoga sessions led by one of our two qualified instructors.

The children take self-registration in this room which helps them to recognise their own names, and they count and compare the number of boys and girls to help develop their mathematical knowledge.

This room is also used as a sleep room after lunch for those children needing a small rest during the day.

Outdoor Play

The vast play area at the back of the nursery is safely enclosed and provides the children with the opportunity to let off steam!  There are a variety of bikes, scooters and prams in addition to a water play area and sand pit.  The children also have access to a range of materials for large scale construction activities and resources which enable them to engage in imaginative play.  The children usually play outside on a daily basis.

There is also a garden area where the children can plant, grow and care for a wide range of vegetables which they are then able to harvest in the Autumn and was and prepare to eat at snack and lunch times.