What did OFSTED say about us?

"The quality and standards of nursery education are good."


"Children's good health and hygiene is promoted well."


"Meal times are a relaxing, calm and sociable experience for the children."


"Staff are friendly and approachable."


"Children behave very well because staff act as role models, showing respect and good manners to each other and the children."


"Children are eager to attend and enjoy their time at nursery,"


"The Children are well occupied throughout the day and have a good attitude to learning."


"Children have a sense of belonging within the nursery."


"Children play well together, learn about sharing and taking turns and use their manners well."


"The partnership with parents and carers is good.  There are efective relationships between the staff and parents, particularly with the child's key person."


 You can view the full report by downloading it here :http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/1398219/urn/309630.pdf