World Cup Party

18th June 2018

Today we wished our England team good luck as the played in their opening match of the World Cup.  We played lots of different football themed games and also had a penalty shoot out.  We had BBQ sausges for tea and "beer!"

Eid Celebrations

Friday 15th June 2018

Today we learnt about the celebration of Eid by listening to a story about Hassan and Aneesa.  We dressed up in clothes like theirs and learnt to say Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid.  We also had our hands painted with Mhendi.  For tea we had an indian sharing platter, and at the end of the day took home an Eid money wallet filled with chocolate coins.

Our Royal Wedding!

Friday 18th May 2018

Today we celebrated the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by holding our very own wedding!  The congregation of our chapel watched as the friendship ceremony took place, and this was followed by the photographs.  The children helped themselves to the buffet and toasted the couple after the cake had been cut.  The "Night Do" took place in the afternoon with a disco and the all important first dance!  This was followed by a pie and pea supper before the happy couple set off on their honeymoon!  Hopefully this was a memorable day for our children to mark this auspicious occasion.

Saint George's Day

Monday 23rd April 2018

Today we celebrated Saint George's Day!The children acted out the story of the legend of Saint George, and joined in with traditional English activities including going to the chippy and having a picnic in the park.

A Trip to the park!

W/C 16th April 2018

The new park in Waterfoot has been a big hit with the children this week!  We anticipate lots of visits in the future as the children didn't want to come home!  Other park users commented on how well behaved our children were.  Just what I like to hear!!

Easter Egg Hunt

29th March 2018

Today the Easter Bunny left lots of eggs in our garden!  We had to collect as many was we could, and then we sorted them into sets of colour.  We counted the number in each group and decided which had most and least.  If we were really lucky and found a special rabbit or chicken egg, there was a little chocolate inside.  Yummy!

Disney Day!

22nd March 2018

The children had an excellent time on Disney Day, and really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite Disney character.  The children used their imagination whilst playing with our Little Mermaid small world play area and Disney Princess castle, and developed their physical skills fishing for Nemo, making Mickey Mouse suncatchers and playing Disney themed games.  Even the meals were Disney themed!  At the end of the day all the children went to the gift shop to buy their own personalised Mickey biscuit.  The perfect end to a perfect day!

Saint David's Day

1st March 2018


Today we had Welsh lamb stew and bara brith to celebrate St David's Day, and we all took home a daffodil for our Mummy.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

16th February 2018

Today we had a special visitor who taught us about Chinese New Year traditions.  She brought us a "Fu" to put up in nursery and bring us good luck for the rest of the year.  She showed us how to use chopsticks and read us a story about chopsticks the mouse.  We looked at all the different animals from the Chinese zodiac, and played with Chinese dragons.  At the end of the day we all took home a "Hung bao" filled with "lai see," a special red envelope filled with lucky money!

Do you want to build a snowman?

12th February 2018

Today we had a great day playing out in the snow, throwing snowballs and building a snowman!

Frozen Day!

6th February 2018

Elsa's and Anna's arrived in force on our Frozen Day along with lots of snowmen and Olaf!  There were lots of Frozen themed activities, including exploring the properties of ice, making snowflake wands and necklaces, and a Frozen themed small world.  The magic powers of all our Elsa's even made it snow! We had snowflake pasta for lunch with Olaf sandwiches for tea, and at the end of the day the children had an Olaf treat to take home.  Everyone had a fantastic day! 

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Post, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Lunch!

Sleepy Jesus

10th December 2018



Our children were fantastic in this years Nativity Play, "Sleepy Jesus" and they put on a wonderful performance.  They loved dressing up in their costumes and were very excited on the day.